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My Sarah has never been so happy, she has become brighter, more confident, mature and easy going without losing her sense of humour or cheekiness. I am so proud of her as well and it is due to you working with her. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, you go over and beyond and we love you for it.

I Love it here with my friends, I love doing the music with Tushie and playing skittles at the pub.

Coming to Kye and Tushie’s Achieve makes me feel happy and warm. I love the dance and cooking. 

My son has been part of the pop up cauldron crew for several months now. His confidence and cooking skills have improved greatly, and he is trying out new foods all the time, whilst thoroughly enjoying himself.

The project has a wonderful, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, which is, in most part due to Kye and Tushie who expertly run the project with great care and encouragement.

               I have been part of the pop up cauldron project since it began. It has been a really good experience for me. I have learned a lot of new cooking skills whilst having a great time with everyone. I really enjoyed the time when we cooked for our family and friends. It made me feel very proud to be cooking for other people.

               The support given to my son by Kye and Tushie has been nothing short of exceptional! They offer an innovative service that caters to all needs. I can say with absolute certainty that my son's life has been greatly enriched by their combined efforts and is now able to access a large range of activities that were not open to him previously. 

They are kind, intuitive and innovative and most importantly reliable, consistent and honest and I am always confident that when my son is in their care, whatever activity they are doing, he is being kept safe and happy. He definitely enjoys his time at "Achieve". We have accessed their support for a number of years now and I would recommend their service to anyone! We feel lucky to have found amazing care support providers. 

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